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The production process

Over 75% of production costs are determined at initial design stage. Our experienced staffs will assist with clients about production possibilities and make suggestions of material used.

When an order is released and test runs will be start with Production Part Approval Process (PPAP III), that is addressed to the quality level of raw material, controlling the tolerance and stability during production process.

These test samples will be taken randomly from each stages during production process. The successful test results will be used to maintain production stability. The follow-up mass production will be start once the sample is approved from our client.

We are professional in using cold-forging to manufacture stainless steel fasteners and hydraulic fittings. This technique is more efficient in output rate (time saving) and less material consumed (cost efficient) in large series. Cold-forging production starts with forming to create blocking, then CNC machining at last, here is an illustration of the forging process of a screw as below.

The materials

We are experienced with the use of the following raw materials:

  • Stainless steel

  • Carbon steel

  • Brass

  • Alloy

  • Aluminum

metal forming.jpg
  • Fasteners

  • Hydraulic fittings​

  • Cold-drawn steel pipes/tubes

  • Coil springs

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